The Mini BLV3 utilizes the original Bonzer 3 fin system and the Bonzer Light Vehicle bottom design. The Mini Bonzer 5 incorporates our standard 5 fin and bottom design setup. Both versions of this model are a blend of the old and the new, and exist within the timeless zone of the Bonzer Space Time Continuum.
The shape is a combination of one of our early 70’s Australia influenced nose templates, and the thumb tail that we use on the recent Mini Merk Model. The Bonzer 5 fin system has the feel of ‘the new’, but in reality will be 30 next year. This is an aspect of the timeless element we speak of.
If you are looking to ride something that is extra short, is fast and rides equally well front side or backside; this might be your ticket. The average size for these bulbous babies is 5’4" to 5’8", but can handle a few inches in either direction. The overall dimensions are approximately 17 1/4" in the nose, 21 1/4" wide, and 16 1/4" in the tail. Thickness obviously varies with individual preference.
Keep in mind that it’s profile incorporates a medium beak nose and medium to medium trim rails. This model does not, we repeat ‘not’ have the profile of a Hull type board. It is a short board that will paddle well and not catch rails and tip over easily. Short, fast, fun and surprisingly versatile is how it has been described so far. Whether you choose the 3 or the 5 fin set up, it is not going to make or break you liking the overall concept of this model. Use your creative instincts.


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